1. How long are the classes? The classes are 45 minutes each.

2. How many classes are in a session? Classes are weekly for ten weeks in the Fall, Winter and Spring semesters and six weeks in the Summer session.

3. How many children are in each class? There is normally a maximum of 12 children enrolled in each class. Occasionally there may be one or two extra families doing a preview or making up a missed class. Each child or set of siblings is accompanied by a parent or caregiver.

4. What happens if I miss a class? You can make up any missed classes by coming to another class that week or any other week within the same session/semester. You can schedule a make-up online at mttracy.com. Make-up classes cannot be carried over to another semester. You can only schedule up to 3 make-ups in any one semester.

5. What is the age range of the classes? Most classes are aged 0 - 5 years. Because the activities are Parent/Child interactive rather than Child/Child, mixed ages are not an issue.

6. What do you do in the classes? It's 45 minutes of fun, informal music-making and creating. Adults and children together sing and dance to songs, play instruments, look at pictures in our songbooks, make up silly rhymes for our songs, sing tonal and rhythmic patterns, and experience a wide range of rhythmic and melodic musical variety. You also sing with your teacher as she plays her keyboard or guitar. Live music making rather than passive listening is the name of our game!

7. How can I preview a class with my child? You can come to a class during a regular session or, at the beginning of each session, we hold “Preview Classes” (free sample classes). To schedule you FREE preview call (925) 998-3865 or online at mttracy.com.

8. What kind of instruments do you use? We play a wide variety of un-pitched instruments such as Drums, Triangles, Tambourines, Bells, Shakers and Rhythm sticks. The reason we emphasize un-pitched instruments is so that the children will never feel they are playing a ‘wrong’ note and can join in however they like. You too will be playing along on these instruments! We also use chime bars pitched to match the songs and we dance with scarves and giant elastic bands! The teachers play keyboard, guitar and recorder to accompany some songs as well as using some recorded selections.

9. My child probably won't sit still for 45 minutes. Music Together® classes maintain an informal atmosphere in the classroom and we do not expect children of this young age to sit still throughout the whole class. Normally we have about 3 or 4 activities during the class where we all get up and move around the room. Also children are free to wander about the circle or around the room during the class as long as they are obviously still mentally engaged in the activities. Parents are free to take the activity over to their child to engage them or try to bring them back to the circle.

10. Can I bring siblings/husband/grandma/aunt etc.? You may bring one sibling or guest with a child who is not registered in the program to one class in the session for free. After that a fee of $19 per class is required. Any number of adults (grandmas, grandpas, friends, relatives) may attend class, anytime, free of charge. 

11. Do you do the same songs every week? No, each week we do about 11 or 12 songs of the 25-30 song session collection. So each week we do mostly familiar songs with 3 or 4 new ones, until we have covered the whole session's collection.

12. Do you have the same songs each session? No, there are 9 nine different sessions of material so families can take the course for 3 years and not repeat the material.

13. How do I pay registration and tuition fees? We accept Paypal, personal checks and cash. Tracy Parks and Recreation registration websites accept credit cards. 

14. How can I find out more about Music Together? For Music Together of Tracy, call (925) 998-3865. For Music Together nationally, you may call the main office of Music Together LLC in Princeton at (800) 728-2692, or visit their website at www.musictogether.com to view the videos!