Winter Online Classes

"Bells Songs" Session January 12 - March 18 

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Instead of going to your class once a week, your class will come to you, via computer, tablet or phone!  As in all our live classes, the program is designed to teach the way young children learn: through play! Your whole family will have a blast singing, dancing, and jamming along during weekly live ZOOM and pre-recorded classes. 

Tuition: Music Together® Online is a Family Affair! Siblings attend online classes for FREE! MT Mixed Ages: $225 per family; MT Sing Shalom: $216 per family; REGISTER all participating siblings here so we'll know who to look for on Zoom! 

Tuition Includes: **10 - Weekly 30-minute live, interactive classes via the Zoom online platform.** Unlimited make-up /bonus classes if you cannot make your regular class or your family would like more opportunities for music-making during the week. Make-up/bonus classes may be scheduled online from the drop-down menu at our Family Portal  **10 - Weekly 20 minute pre-recorded classes, and include ideas for activities you can try at home. These videos can be viewed (and re-viewed!) on demand. ** "Bells Songs" professionally recorded  CD, beautifully illustrated songbook, and digital access code delivered right to your doorstep! Access code to family resources, including the "Bells Songs", bonus videos and music-making ideas via the free "Hello Everybody" app. 

Class Start Date Day/Time Teacher Register

Mixed Ages
Mixed Ages Jan 12 Tuesday 9:15 AM Jody Register
Mixed Ages Jan 12 Tuesday 5:00 PM Jody Register
Mixed Ages Jan 13 Wednesday 9:15 AM Jenny & Jody Register

MT Sing Shalom
MT Sing Shalom Jan 15 Tuesday 3:45 PM Jody & Karen Register
MT Sing Shalom Jan 14 Thursday 10:00 AM Jody & Karen Register

Mixed Ages - Early Bird
Mixed Ages - Early Bird Jan 13 Wednesday 8:00 AM Jody Register

ZOOM Family Dance Party!
ZOOM Family Dance Party! Mar 13 Saturday 4:30 PM Jody Register